Hyperthyroid Cats Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments

Milk Thistle for Cats?

Milk thistle has assisted humans in helping with a lot of illnesses, mostly for its benefits in regenerating and protecting the liver and Kidneys. And research has proven milk thistle can help cats and dogs as well.

Sylmarin,the primary ingredient in milk thistle has been proven to reinforce cell resistance to protection from toxins and also can be a powerful antioxidant. Sylmarin also can stimulate cell reproduction.

Cats can definitely benefit from milk thistle because their liver stands apart that of dogs or even humans in that its power to remove toxins from the body are diminished because of fewer metabolic digestive enzymes .

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milk thistleMilk Thistle with EPA & DHA Benefits:

Most humans and dogs develop hepatic problems through infections, and traumatic injury, as well as other diseases. Cats can get liver issues through infection and trauma, but may also get it from stressful problems like cat anxiety or a result of changes in diet. Cats can create a condition generally known as Feline Hepatic Lipidos (Fatty liver Disease) if eating has stopped after only a short time.

Abandoned or strays are definitely vulnerable to this ailment and milk thistle is a natural supplement which could greatly benefit with in these circumstances.

Feeding your cat a well balanced diet is important in maintaining healthy organs. Diet can be the key to feline liver health. Feeding them a well balanced diet regularly is the best strategy to prevent Feline Hepatic Lipidos . Herbal and natural supplements can strengthen organ function and help the liver cope with disease.

To help in digestive tract balance. Probiotics can be a important supplement, to diminish inflammation, Antioxidents and Omega-3fatty acids, which are found in fish oils are strong anti-inflammatories.

Try cooking chicken and calves livers once a week to supplement their diet. This is another way to ” feed the liver” and maintain your cats health . The (FDA) has extensively tested milk thistle making it one of the few natural supplements it approves for healing hepatic disease and stress.

Milk thistle is prescribed for treating chronic hepatitis,(inflamation)hepatic lipidosis,inflamation of tissue surrounding the bile duct, generally known as pericholangitis, along with cholangitis(bile duct inflamation).Recognized to also thin the bile to stop gallstones.

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